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Switch Kit

We’ve made switching your accounts to us simple. Contact any of our locations for assistance in switching your automatic credits and debits to your new Merchants National Bank account.


Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit boxes provide a safe, convenient and economical way to protect your valuables from fire, theft or loss. Boxes are available at most of the Merchants National Bank offices and come in a variety of sizes to suit both individual and business needs.


Wire Transfers

Wire transfer is the fastest method of moving guaranteed funds. It is a safe, effective tool for personal use in case of an emergency or for business customers who routinely make transfers between banks.


Direct Deposit

Direct deposit provides customers with a safe, convenient way to electronically receive recurring deposits such as payroll and government payments, expediting the availability of funds. Many companies provide direct deposit of payroll for their employees. Any government payment (social security, civil service, railroad/military retirement, etc) may be direct deposited.

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Cashier’s Checks and Money Orders

Cashier’s checks and money orders are available for times when payment by personal check is unacceptable. Both forms of payment are available for purchase at all locations.


Night Deposit

Night Deposit Service is provided at all offices for individuals and businesses that need a secure depository after normal banking hours. Each branch is equipped with a secure night deposit vault with both an envelope slot and a key accessed drawer for larger deposit bags. Night deposit services may be used by any Merchants National Bank customer.

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United States Savings Bonds

U.S. Savings Bonds are a safe, easy way to save money and a solid addition to your investment portfolio. Savings Bonds are no longer available at any of our locations. They must be purchased through the United States Treasury website.   http://treasurydirect.gov


Overdraft Protection

You'll never have to worry about the inconvenience and expense of returned checks.  Stop by any of our convenient locations and apply.


Savings Overdraft Protection

Protect your checking account with Savings Overdraft Protection. You can have funds automatically transferred from your savings account to your checking account to cover checks. Enjoy flexibility on how to manage your account easily while avoiding the hassles and expense associated with returned checks. For more information or to sign up visit any of our Merchants National Bank locations.


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